Pre-made covers for ebooks and print

Purchase one of these pre-made covers, and I will replace the author/title for you. After clicking ‘buy now’ you will have the chance to enter the correct title and author. You will receive the final file within 48 hours. It will be a jpg file suitable for uploading to Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords etc.

Cover for Romantic tragedy, chick-lit or women's lit

Pre-made cover ideal for women’s literature. Travel, romance, cheating, affair, torn between two lovers. 


Pre-made chick-lit cover

Pre-made cover ideal for romance or chick-lit. Kissing, sexy, intimate, racy romance.


Pre-made cover ideal for historical romance or women's literature.  $20

Pre-made cover ideal for historical romance or women’s literature. Baroque, serious, broken-hearted, waiting for true love, daughter. 


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