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Oh my gosh! This is exciting.

I started designing book covers almost on a whim, after starting a fiverr gig. It quickly became my most popular gig, and I found myself with over 30 books in my queue at one point! I realized there was definitely a demand for great ebook cover design.

I worked on some great books, including the fab ‘Ballyyahoo’ series for children — which tested the limits of how far I could take ‘free stock’. I soon realised that I wanted to make even better covers, and for that I needed professional stock photographs. I also wanted to make more than $4 a cover 😉

So I bought this domain and here we go!

I’m no stranger to freelancing, having run my own web-design business for over ten years. However, I think book covers are going to allow me to be much more creative!

In time, I even hope to offer my own custom illustration work for your cover.

Have a look at my portfolio of book covers and get in touch!

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